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Fun and engaging music lessons with a professional teacher who is passionate about music and has over 40 years of experience playing the violin, viola and cello. Offering mobile private lessons for beginners to advanced.

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Learn from the Best Music Teacher

Are you looking for fun and engaging music lessons in Tweed Heads? Have you been looking for a professional teacher who is passionate about music?  Well, look no more because Barry Singh is here to help! Barry is a passionate teacher with over 40 years of experience playing the violin, viola and cello. He founded the Northern Rivers Symphony Orchestra (NRSO). During Maestro Barry’s time with NRSO it became the premier orchestra for the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers region. Barry continues to be an active member of the “Gabirelli string quartet” as a violinist. He believes that music should be part of everyone’s life, and therefore, offers music lessons for kids, teenagers and adults in Tweed Heads. Learning a stringed instrument helps in many aspects of life, including discipline, focus of the mind, improving the flexibility of the mind, dealing with and overcoming problems, and the sense of accomplishment and enjoyment that comes from learning a musical instrument. Whether you’re exploring the instrument for the first time or you’re looking to advance your skills, you will find what you’re looking for, from classes for beginners to advanced and experienced players.

Music Services

Learn how to produce magnificent music with the violin for a truly satisfying musical journey.

Learn to play this unique and exciting alto clef instrument for classical, folk, and modern music.

Learn to play this amazing, bass instrument that offers intriguing lyrical tone ranges, making it perfect for both solos and orchestras.

Music Lessons for Kids Near Me

Choosing the best music tutor for your child can be challenging. You want them not only to learn to play the instrument but also enjoy the experience. Barry makes music a fun learning experience with lessons tailored to your child’s interests to keep them motivated. The kids are given the support they need to learn music and to thrive. Maestro Barry teaches children from 5 years old, beginning with 30-minute lessons until they reach a level of proficiency. Parents are encouraged to be with their kids during the lessons because parental involvement in the learning process accelerates the child’s learning.

Music Classes for Adults in Tweed Heads

You’ve always wanted to learn music, but you never really got the chance. Maybe you even had violin lessons as a kid, and you regret quitting. Barry offers music classes for adults to help you fulfil your music dreams. Think you’re too old for music lessons? Barry believes you can learn to play really well no matter your age. In fact, he has had a student who was 94 years old.

Music Lessons

  • Barry offers 30-min, 45-min, and 1-hour music lessons
  • Lessons are organised on a week-to-week basis
  • Lessons can be undertaken at home or at Barry’s studio
  • Minimum 12 months of lesson commitment on sign up
  • If a student is unable to attend a lesson, 2-weeks’ notice will result in the student being entitled to a makeup lesson in the following weeks during the 12-week block (maximum of 3 makeup lessons per 12-week block of lessons)
  • Advanced students will take part in AMEB Exams for higher grades

Method of Teaching

Maestro Barry primarily teaches the Suzuki method, which helps students to develop the tech side of string playing much quicker than the conventional or traditional method. Lessons incorporate Irish Fiddle style of music, which makes students more versatile in their usage of music.

Instruments and Learning Materials

Barry teaches the students using their own instrument, this allows them to have a frame of reference to how their instrument should sound. Barry also provides a limited number of instruments for use during the lesson only. Instruments for hire are also available upon request.

Fun Music Lessons in Tweed Heads

Barry is available to teach music to all ages including students that attend Tweed Heads Public School, Tweed Heads South Public School, St Joseph’s Primary School, Tweed River High School, Pacific Coast Christian School, Lindisfarne Anglican Junior Campus and any home schooling students. Music is supposed to be fun, and so is the learning process. As stringed instruments wouldn’t usually be played on their own, Barry plays keyboard accompaniment during a lesson which makes the music lesson fun and engaging. Students are required to practice 5-15 minutes every day between lessons, and Barry provides practice strategies. He also arranges annual concerts, including free practical lesson rehearsals as outlined below:

Middle of the year concert – Mainly solos where each student participates

End of year concert – Includes solos, duets, and ensembles based on students’ level of proficiency.

Music Lessons Prices

  • Lesson charges: 30 minutes – $35; 45 minutes – $45; 1 hour – $70
  • Payment required in pre-paid 12-weeks blocks, at the cost of one lesson per week (optional payment plans available)
  • If Barry misses a lesson, he makes up with no extra charge within the 12-week block

Ready to Start Music Classes?

Don’t put it off any longer! Simply contact Barry Singh to book music classes in Tweed Heads for your child, or music lessons for adults for yourself. You will experience the pure joy of learning to master stringed musical instruments.

29 Adcocks Road

Stokers Siding NSW 2484

Phone: 0459197351

Learn from the best violin music tutor in Tweed Heads. Maestro Barry Singh, the founder of Northern Rivers Symphony Orchestra is now offering private music lessons for kids, teenagers and adults. Music lessons for beginners or any level in Tweed Heads and surrounding areas.