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Fun and engaging music lessons with a professional teacher who is passionate about music and has over 40 years of experience playing the violin, viola and cello. Offering mobile private lessons for beginners to advanced.

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Music Classes in Banora Point

Are you wondering where to get music classes near you in Banora Point? Let Maestro Barry Singh’s Music School come to you. Barry is the founder of Northern Rivers Symphony Orchestra and is dedicated to helping students learn and play the instruments they love. The school offers comprehensive music lessons for violin, cello, and viola. Music is a vital part of life, and being able to create it gives someone such a great feeling. While many people think it is a talent, anyone can create and play music. It only needs commitment and the right support. Barry’s Music School creates a supportive environment that allows students to learn how to play instruments and have fun. Barry aims to foster confidence and creativity in students through musical learning. With Barry’s experience, state of the art studio and innovative programs, the maestro hopes to transform lives and bolster the Banora Point community through the joy of music.

Why Take Music Lessons?

Learning to play the violin, cello, or viola has many benefits for both adults and kids, which include:

Mental benefits – Learning a musical instrument strengthens cognitive skills and auditory memory for both children and adults. It also relaxes the mind and reduces depression and anxiety. Cultivates life skills and character traits such as creativity, concentration, self-confidence, self-esteem, coordination, perseverance, and relaxation.

Connects people – Music is a bridge to connect people

Cultivates social skills – Music classes often involve peer interaction and communication, which encourages collaboration.

Fun – The key to learning how to play an instrument is to enjoy the journey.

Music Lessons for all Ages and Levels

Barry offers music lessons to all ages and skill levels. From kids to adults, beginners to pros, Barry Singh’s Music School has a program that caters for you. Barry teaches from 5 years old, but there is no age limit for adults. Barry also helps advanced students master their skills, and such students also take part in AMEB Exams.

Personalised Music Classes in Banora Point

What are you passionate about? How far do you want to go? Different people get into music with different intentions. Some just want to be able to play a few tunes while others want to take it as far as possible. Barry caters for everyone from hobbyists to professional performers. Whether you wish to play the violin for fun or as a career, Barry is here to help you achieve your goal. All classes are tailored to each student’s specific needs. Furthermore, Barry offers private, one-on-one lessons in Banora Point for the cello, viola, and violin.

Practice and Concerts

Barry values performance as part of his curriculum, and therefore, arranges two concerts every year. One concert happens mid-year whereby each student performs a solo. The other concert happens at the end of the year and includes duets, solos, and ensembles. These concerts give students the unique opportunity to perform in front of a live audience which boosts their confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief. Barry also provides practice strategies and offers a free practical lesson.


On sign up, Barry requires a minimum 12 months of lesson commitment. There’s one lesson every week for both kids and adults’ classes, and you can choose between 3 options:
The 30-minute lesson – $35
The 45-minute lesson – $45
The 1-hour lesson – $70
Lessons are billed in advance at the start of every 12-week block. In case a student misses a lesson, Barry gives up to 3 make-up lessons per the 12-week block at his discretion. In the unlikely event that Barry fails to attend a lesson, he gives a free make-up lesson.

Looking to Purchase an Instrument?

String instruments are expensive, and choosing the best one to buy can be quite a challenge. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy or rent a violin, viola or cello, Barry is happy to point you in the right direction. Barry recommends students to have their own instruments to make it easier to practice at their own time. However, if you can’t manage to get one, Barry provides some for use during the lesson.

Studying for AMEB Exams?

Are you preparing for your AMEB exams? Barry can help you master any areas of music theory, so you can pass your exam. Barry trains beginners through to advanced levels via the music lessons.

Ready to Secure your Music Classes?

Barry is available to teach music to any age or level including students that attend Banora Point Primary School, Banora Point High School, St Joseph’s College, Centaur Primary School, St James Primary School and any home schooling students. Feel free to contact Barry with any enquiries, and he will be happy to help you get started with music classes near you in Banora Point.

29 Adcocks Road

Stokers Siding NSW 2484

Phone: 0459197351

Learn from the best violin music tutor in Tweed Heads. Maestro Barry Singh, the founder of Northern Rivers Symphony Orchestra is now offering private music lessons for kids, teenagers and adults. Music lessons for beginners or any level in Tweed Heads and surrounding areas.