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Fun and engaging music lessons with a professional teacher who is passionate about music and has over 40 years of experience playing the violin, viola and cello. Offering mobile private lessons for beginners to advanced.

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Music Classes for Kids, Teens & Adults in Kingscliff

If you’re in Kingscliff, Maestro Barry Singh’s Violin School proves to be one of the best music classes for kids, teens and adults. Learning to play a stringed musical instrument like the violin, viola or cello is rewarding in many ways and for all ages. Through music, one can learn discipline, express creativity, gain social skills, and improve their academics.

While learning music is an exciting journey, it can also be an uphill task when the environment lacks conductivity and the right ambience. Therefore, if you’re looking for a favourable environment to learn how to play the violin, cello, and viola, then look no further than Barry’s Music School.

Why You Should Consider Music Classes at Barry’s Violin School

Maestro Barry is a dedicated Kingscliff music teacher, with the ability to engage students at a personal level in an innovative and fun environment. With over 40 years’ experience in playing the violin, cello, and viola, you can rest assured that Barry has what it takes to make you or your child a pro. The school focuses on tailor-made lessons that take into consideration your needs and goals. Maestro Barry believes that learning music should be a therapeutic process where the learners enjoy their lessons.

Barry Singh’s music classes for kids are engaging and enjoyable, and Barry always makes his students feel as comfortable as possible. Often, the greatest fear is taking the first step. Barry understands this fact and is eager to work with you throughout your journey towards achieving your music goals. By using an innovative and structured approach, Maestro Barry is able to create the right environment to help students grasp the fundamentals of playing the different instruments and master the techniques.

Violin Lessons Near Me

Music lovers refer to the violin as the pathway to the heart due to the romantic aura this musical instrument presents. If you’re wondering – “where do I find violin lessons near me?” Barry’s Violin School is your go to option. Maestro Barry offers the convenient music lessons in the comfort of your Kingscliff home, which allows one to completely relax and enjoy the breathtaking experience of playing the violin.

The violin lessons are set in a manner that ensures flexibility and convenience. You can choose the 30-minute, 45-minute, or 1-hour violin lessons, depending on your availability. Music classes for kids often take 30 minutes and progress as the student advances. The lessons also depend on your proficiency level.

Playing the cello elicits a level of satisfaction and pleasure that is incomparable to most other musical instruments. If you’re considering learning how to play the cello, then you’re headed for an experience of a lifetime. At Barry’s Music School, students are prepared to become trailblazers in the jazz, pop, and rock genres of music. The cello program goes for 12 months with one lesson every week.

Maestro Barry incorporates a 5 -15 minute’s session for practice, which ensures that the students explore the skills learned during the lesson. If you’re in Kingscliff and you’re a beginner, intermediate, or pro cellist looking for additional exposure, Barry’s Music School is the place you ought to be. The lessons are open to both adults and children.

Do you love the viola but have no idea where to start? Worry no more because Barry Singh’s Music School is offering viola classes in Kingscliff. The viola is slightly bigger than the violin and presents a warmer and deeper tone as compared to the violin and the cello. Maestro Barry teaches using the Suzuki Method, which focuses on building a solid foundation by using innovative and creative approaches of teaching both adults and children.

Affordable Music Classes for Kids and Adults

Barry’s Music School epitomises cost friendliness. For the 30-minute lessons, Barry charges $35 per lesson. For the 45-minutes lessons, the charge is $45, while the 1-hour lesson is $70. Barry also understands that sometimes it might not be possible to attend all classes, and therefore, provides a makeup lesson with 2-weeks notice from the student. Moreover, if Barry misses a class, he always gives a makeup lesson without any extra charges. Barry is available to teach music to students that attend Kingscliff High School, Kingscliff Primary School, Saint Anthony’s Catholic Primary School and any home schooling students. If you’re looking for the best music classes for kids and adults in Kingscliff, contact Barry Singh to enrol for the violin, viola, or cello lessons.

29 Adcocks Road

Stokers Siding NSW 2484

Phone: 0459197351

Learn from the best violin music tutor in Tweed Heads. Maestro Barry Singh, the founder of Northern Rivers Symphony Orchestra is now offering private music lessons for kids, teenagers and adults. Music lessons for beginners or any level in Tweed Heads and surrounding areas.